Early Christmas

Quick weekend trip to Dublin to deliver presents to our extended family in Dublin.  People there are pre-occupied with the belief that the Celtic Tiger has taken a one way trip through the cat flap.  I would think that any fall in house prices could only be welcome if it made it possible for first-time buyers to buy houses, etc.  Readers of Hillhall Presbyterian Church’s Wayside Pulpit in Belfast will want to know that it now reads, ‘Seven days without prayer makes one weak.’  And the Sunday Times had an interesting article on strategic choosing of godparents.

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3 Responses to Early Christmas

  1. Does anyone have a link to the aforementioned Sunday Times article?

  2. Michael says:

    Link to S Times article. I think this is probably it:


  3. david says:

    And I met one yesterday. Maybe the other godparents included a gay person and a hedge fund manager – and that alerted her?

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