Interesting times

Sometimes I find my blog-energy waning a bit. Maybe it’s the extraordinary mixtures of things. Among the bits of my day yesterday, I spent some time in a meeting attempting to formulate our response to the proposed Anglican Covenant – as always trying to identify the Anglican Goldlocks ‘just right’ point – prescriptive enough that it means something but not so prescriptive that it is used to drive a new and limiting orthodoxy. And on to a meeting of Mission to Seafarers in Scotland. I listened yesterday to broadcaster and Times columnist Libby Purves talking movingly about the suicide of her son. Coincidentally you can find her here talking about the divisions in Anglicanism. Meanwhile police were digging up a garden in Kent. And, finally, as I unfolded my Brompton bicycle in the public car park outside Halfords in Perth today, I pondered the extraordinary story of the man who simulated sex with his bicycle. What does one make of it all?

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