Wrong Way

I drove back from Edinburgh on the M90 today listening to the reports of the dreadful crash and loss of life on the M4 at Newport – car pursued by police turns onto motorway heading in the wrong direction.  A couple of years ago, I was driving on the M1 back to Portadown from visiting my mother in Belfast – passing some lorries on a long straight stretch – car in the distance – coming towards me.  It is an extraordinary thing when you expect a car to be travelling with you to find that it is closing at 150 mph.  I found a space between two lorries and dived.  My sister was with me: ‘I heard somebody screaming and realised it was me.’  We were very lucky.

The driver of the other car had a history of drug abuse – had come onto the motorway and been involved in a minor accident.  While being interviewed by the police, he got back into his car, turned around and drove off.  He was killed in a head-on collision about a mile behind us.  Fortunately the occupants of the car he hit had only minor injuries.

Like the chap that I am, I headed off down to church and conducted Evensong.  We didn’t sing, ‘O for a closer walk with God’

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