Treasure in Heaven

Sorry I forgot to bring my camera to the 150th Anniversary of our congregation at St Ninian’s, Alyth, today. You haven’t been to Alyth? You don’t know where it is? It’s a most beautiful small town just to the east of Blairgowrie with a little river running through the middle and a wonderful hardware shop in the square. It was a great celebration. The church was full and there seems to be confidence and hope in the future.

My attempt to link St Ninian and the Northern Rock crisis brought forth an answering and spontaneous response from the leader of the intercessions. I do find the sight of depositors queueing up to get their money back strangely disturbing. In my case it would be more likely that the banks would be queueing up outside Blogstead. The only exception to that is our oil supplier with whom we are astonishingly in credit because of the warm winters, the efficiency of the Blogstead boiler and the high levels of insulation – thermal, theological and emotional – in which Blogstead is wrapped.

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  1. Maybe someday Google Maps will have a higher resolution picture of Alyth. But now at least I know where it is, should I ever find my self in Scotland.

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