Like a child ..

We headed for Fermanagh this morning heading west from Belfast past Dungannon, Augher, Clogher and all the others.  We even passed the charmingly named Lungs Gospel Hall.  And out beyond Enniskillen to Reilly’s Cross.

Jones Memorial School – my first school – did themselves and us proud as they celebrated their Centenary.  The children sang and recited – one week into term.  Letterbreen Silver Band played and the sun shone.  So here I am with Miss Beatrice Crawford, my first teacher


We met on my first day at school in 1956 – she taught me to read and lots of other things as well.  She made a wonderful speech about her 40 years teaching in the school.  She reminded me about the bats which lived in profusion in the roof beams of the classroom.  There were 43 children in three classes in one room.  I talked about my memories of the school in general and of the toilets in particular.

I pulled strings, unveiled plaques and cut cakes.  I felt like the Queen.

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