A life in a day

I’ve been sharing the lot of the commuters today.  Thought about driving to Edinburgh this morning – but accident and one hour delay on the Forth Bridge put me on the train with Brompton.  Survived meeting on mission strategy and headed for the BBC to record Prayer for the Day.  Nice man at door said I could put Brompton in the basement so I told him to be very afraid because I might write about him in my blog.  Folded up Brompton and put it under the staircase.  Recorded scripts and cycled to Waverley.  Got on 1533 train home and they cancelled it.  Then my mobile phone battery ran out.  To my utter amazement, Scotrail put me in a taxi from Stirling to Perth – so that I could then drive to Comrie.

Tomorrow is Largs and Cumbrae for a Bishops’ meeting overnight – then Glasgow to Belfast for a wedding on Saturday and then home for a rest.

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