A good day

How could it not be?  After all we were prayed for by the whole Anglican Communion today in the Cycle of Prayer.  Not just a warm feeling – it makes you think about the loss should the Communion fracture.  But it’s been a very hopeful week there too.  There has been a remarkable graciousness from the bishops of the Episcopal Church – and an extraordinary achievement on the part of ++Rowan.

Meanwhile our bishops have just spent 24 hours on the island of Cumbrae in the Clyde.  If you haven’t visited the Cathedral of the Isles and the College of the Holy Spirit, you should.  Ten minutes from Largs on the ferry. 

I thought you might be interested in the room allocation.  I was in Charity – which seemed rather more aspirational than descriptive.  The others were: Primus-Fortitude; Brechin-Hope; Aberdeen and Orkney-Faith; Edinburgh-Kindness; Moray-Gentleness; Argyll-Peace.  But maybe you could suggest more appropriate allocations?  I noted that none of us was allocated either Temperance or Chastity.

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  1. I would put any of the Anglican Primates in Peace (especially some of the trouble-making ones who tend to infringe on the territory of other primates).

    As for Temperance and Chastity, I would think that those were reserved for the Baptists and the Roman Catholics respectively. 😉

    By the way, I replied to your comment on my blog in a comment on the same post in my blog.

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