Next steps

The Diocesan Review took another lurch forward this evening. We’ve done eight meetings across the Diocese talking and listening [a bit]. About 250 people took part so expectations are high. This evening set the Working Group stage in motion – the ‘nice idea but what are we actually going to do’ department. I think that Gordon our Consultant and I had that good feeling of being in the room with a group of people who understand exactly what this task is about. We’ll sit back [a bit] and wait to see what comes back.

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2 Responses to Next steps

  1. carol latimer says:

    Was writing up the story so far of the Diocesan Review for ‘Contact'(St Peter’s, Kirkcaldy) and thinking, OK, what next, then? when lo! the blog had the answer. Well … ! Have copied/pasted it in. Hope that’s alright. Thank you. Seriously, I hope and pray that we can overcome the feeling of helpless floundering in the face of decline(is it just me?) and really move things onwards and upwards.
    PS Inchcolm is a delightful place to get married. My daughter, Abby, was married there on June 1st.

  2. david says:

    Well – that’s great. I can see it all so clearly … it’s just the reality that presents one or two difficulties. But it’s going well.

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