Blogstead Residents


Thought you might like to see this happy group of residents from the close here at Blogstead Episcopi. We’re just back from one of our visits organised by the OT Department. They feel we should get out more. Spice is third from left. Poppy doesn’t do photos with Spice.

Meanwhile I spent an interesting morning with the Royal School of Church Music at their Summer Course in Dunblane – all singing their hearts out in that beautiful building. The RSCM is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.  I realised with some concern that it almost 50 years since I attended my first RSCM course as a choir boy.  I had another look at the Dunblane memorial – never go there with visiting it and being moved by it.

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2 Responses to Blogstead Residents

  1. Sandy says:

    Dear + David,
    By sheer co-incedence, I recently played a lovely Piano in the new hall of St George, Belfast, and can visualise your introduction to the RSCM.probably in that very church. You will well know the history of this one, but honestly, is this World not becoming more unified through the wonderful tool of music ?

  2. david says:

    Worse than that, Sandy. I did sing in the choir at St George’s for about two years at the end of the ’60’s. But my RSCM involvement began in the late ’50’s with a couple of Choristers’ Courses in Dean Close School, Cheltenham – at that point I was a choir boy in Enniskillen Cathedral.

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