Not in the Diocesan Review


It’s always interesting down in Dollar – David was baptised and confirmed; Jan was confirmed and Ramsay was admitted to Holy Communion.  And, over the champagne which followed, I continued my mild professional researches from the previous evening in Glasgow.  The question is how [or why] this congregation sort of seems to gather people up almost accidently and certainly without making a fuss about it.  To be honest, the Diocesan Review does talk about creating ‘attractive congregations’ – but it doesn’t say how to do it.  And I doubt if it is accidental.  People here certainly feel a real sense of being a welcoming, caring, interested-in-people congregation – but it’s not just friendly, there is deep spirituality there too.  And there is leadership which is sure-footed and authoritative but which guides with a light touch.  And they enjoy themselves .. and the music is good.  Sounds like a fortunate series of accidents – which must mean that the Spirit found a way in somewhere.

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