Order out of chaos

No sooner back from General Synod – a complicated operation involving Brompton, car and 40 minute delay on the Forth Bridge – and it was straight into the planting of the Blogstead Gardens.  I am still bruised from my encounter with the rotivator last weekend.  So it was something of a relief to be laying out the lavender walk and thinking of my successors who will stroll there on sunlit mornings after saying the Office with their Chaplains.  By the way, has any member of the clergy ever anywhere moved into a church house where the garden has been maintained?  In our four previous houses, the gardens were all in a completely disastrous condition.  Why?

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3 Responses to Order out of chaos

  1. The garden was maintained in Bridge of Allan. Life would not have been possible for me there without that help.

  2. Never have +David, but, believe me, the greater embarrassment comes from leaving a church house where the garden is in a completely disastrous condition!

  3. Andrew says:

    Some of my best sermons have been written following a mower – some even have been delivered! The garden here is accordingly excellent 🙂 – no landline phone can get to you either, which is wonderful.

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