One of those days which seems endless both in time and distance – over 200 miles today.

I managed the early start in Glasgow for the Daily Service.  On of the things I really do like is the challenge of live radio.  The little light comes on and you’re away.  It’s really to do with economy and exactness – finish at 9.59.50 precisely.  Everything else that we do as clergy tends to be messy and unfinished.  Frikki and the Choir from our Cathedral in Glasgow were really great – highly talented, business-like and obviously very committed to what they do.

Quick excursion into the support trenches behind the episcopal Front Line.  And then Kirriemuir for a ‘do’ to mark Canon Charles’ birthday – 96 I think.  He’s as sharp and active as ever.  Wonderful.  When you see the longevity of clergy, you understand why Clergy Pension Schemes are always under stress!  Many happy returns.

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