One of the problems about using a PDA thingy is that it doesn’t tell you about important things like Bank Holidays – or Christmas and Easter for that matter. So they jump out and surprise one.

Anyway, we’ve been celebrating with Charles Severs at All Saints, St Andrews, his 50 years as a Lay Reader. That time has included a period as Port Chaplain for Mission to Seafarers and all sorts of other things – what Charles calls a ‘journey of grace’. All Saints – with its rich tradition of worship – is a great place for a celebration. But I sometimes think that the boat girl has a rather better idea of what is happening than I do. I take what is handed to me, do with it what I am told and hand it back with a good grace. Last weekend, I succeeded in leaving behind in two different places mitre [1] and cope [1]. My score was better this weekend but I am still short of a cope.

Tomorrow morning it’s the red eye to Glasgow by 8 am for a Daily Service Broadcast on Radio 4 Long Wave – real echoes of the Home Service there. Got to get my Number 2 accent into gear.

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