Another place – another hair cut

I went to Portadown yesterday and walked up the street.  It was a bit like having a cameo role in a soap opera – actually I could happily have spent all day there.  Old friends – and the characters are always good.  I also took time for a hair cut with Michael, my favourite hairdresser.  Our encounter was about 75% chat and 25% hair cut – and we skipped the light dusting of talc to give that matt finish.

Meantime you may be wondering what the local papers are saying at this moment when Northern Ireland is entering a new and exciting phase of its history.  New relationships .. restorative justice … post-sectarianism …  healing of memories?  Sorry.  None of that.  The Belfast Telegraph last night devoted it’s entire front page to the discovery of a new spray-on version of Viagra – to be called Spray ‘n Stay.  What a country!

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