One sows and another reaps?

I found myself today face to face with the appeal literature for the building of the new Parish Centre back in Northern Ireland. The design was worked out in the last two years of my time there. I still think it will be an impressive building which will lift parish life onto a whole new level. But it took a bit of persuading for some people to make the move from seeing the building as a social and recreational space located at the edge of the site to seeing it as a mission-shaped building linked to the church. So my thoughts are with Terence, my successor, and the parishioners as they set about raising £1,355,900. But then I do have one or two challenges of my own around here.

On a more mundane level, I note that Seagoe Parish Church is still using the same font as in my time – Comic Sans 11 pt – really time to move on to something more protestant like Geneva.

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