Sending for the man with the lever

So I got on the train for Inverness at Dunkeld this morning. And it didn’t move because the points at the end of the platform had stuck – single track railway. So they sent for the man with the lever – wish I’d had my camera – a sort of Atlas-type metaphor for ministry.  It was a one Sudoku delay.

Still reading back numbers of the Church Times. The ‘Back to Church’ Sunday at end September looks interesting. Except that you can’t go back unless you know what church you are staying away from – and that’s a problem in a very mobile society. I listened with some interest to Bishop James Jones of Liverpool on Thought for the Day this morning talking about Adam Smith of Kirkcaldy – but also about a Carbon Fast for Lent

And – to move from fast to feast and return to the list thing again – the recipes:

Chile; Spag Bol; Firecracking Sausage Casserole; Prawn Stirfry; Chicken Stirfry; Chicken and Penne; Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables; Chicken Curry; absolutely nothing by Lloyd Grossman

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