The great scheme of things

Josephine points to the ecstatic reaction to Poppy’s guest appearance here and, very properly, ponders the lesser reaction to other weightier matters.  And she’s right of course.  Measured in the great balance against … world hunger, global warming, protective missile shields, abused children, family breakdown … Poppy’s elegance hardly rates.  But I then move on to think about how I spend much of my time.  Saving the world?  Increasing the sum of human happiness?  Exercising a bias to the poor, the outcast ..  Thursday morning was spent at an averagely difficult meeting of our Administration Board.  I think spent two hours working with a small team on our Year of Stewardship Programme.  And I then chaired a meeting of the Mission to Seafarers Scottish Council at which we confirmed the decision to place a Chaplain at Grangemouth.  And I sent umpteen E Mails, wrote letters and tidied the rougher edges of my soul.  It always comes back to the classic Father Ted and Dougal exchange.  ‘Makes you think, Dougal’  Long pause.  ‘About what, Ted?’

Meanwhile, Karen has pointed me towards the new Lent site which encourages us to do an act of kindness every day rather than undertake boring old self-denial.  Actually I think that’s great – and I really rather like the whole ‘random acts of kindness’ way of thinking.  Having looked at how I spend my days, a little random anything can only be welcome!

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