Mothers’ Union

+Rowan preached at the Service today in Southwark Cathedral – describing MU as the fifth instrument of unity of the Anglican Communion.  In the way he said it, I suspect he probably feels that it is more effective than the others – certainly at giving a sense of the unity of anglicanism at a ‘grass roots’ level.  There was a good turn out of Scots and Irish today – which gave us some time to catch up on the gossip on both sides of the Irish Sea.  And, for the record, the St Andrews contingent included David ‘limping towards the sunrise’ Campbell, Janice and David Cameron, Trish Heywood with David and Sheila Redwood.  How is MU so effective at getting the vote out?  +Rowan might also have said what all clergy know – ‘Don’t mess with Mothers’ Union’

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