Poppy Update

Some time since fans of Poppy had an update.  So here for the benefit of Miss Matilda, Thumper and other on-line felines ….  Poppy has been concerned as to whether her portrait exhibited in the Perth Art Society Exhibition [and on sale at £250 as ‘Poppy the Bishop’s Cat’] did actually sell.  She felt that, while it reflected the sleekness of her coat, it perhaps did less justice to the sleekness of her physique.

Meanwhile, she enjoyed a post-Christmas break in Edinburgh with Simon – indeed the cappuchino-belt of Bruntsfield seemed closer to her natural habitat than the grouse moors of Perthshire.  Simon did mention that, in terms of her emotional demands, she was pretty high-maintenance, but he loyally affirmed that they were glad to have her.

Since her return to Blogstead, the weather has been pretty inclement.  Indeed her tolerance of high winds is about the same at that of the high-sided vehicles on the Forth Bridge. But springtime is coming and the house martens will be returning ..

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