Goldilocks is much in my mind these days.  In her search for the porridge that was ‘just right’ and her rejection of the extremes, she reveals that she was almost certainly an Anglican – although she falls foul of Revelation 3:15.  So as we work to get our Diocesan Strategy into the right form for consultation and discussion, I have a feeling of having been here so many times before …  Too prescriptive and you risk people dismissing the suggestions and not looking at the underlying issues.  Not prescriptive enough and you risk being too ‘airy/fairy’.  Too managerial and it becomes a ‘Godless document’.  Too Godly and it needs to be earthed.  Time, I think, for the bed which is neither too hard nor too soft.  And Poppy who is neither too affectionate nor too remote is looking for some attention.

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