Same Sex Issues

So we got the TV cameras out of the Close at Blogstead … By the way, I met a nice lady on Sunday morning who knows her Anthony Trollope. But for those who aren’t so sure, Plumstead Episcopi was the parish of Archdeacon Grantley in his book ‘The Warden’ . So I just sort of borrowed it and turned it into Blogstead Episcopi. I’m sure Trollope wouldn’t have minded.  He worked in the Post Office and wrote [in longhand of course] each day when he came home from work. Had he been alive today, he would probably have been a blogger.
Fortunately I realised at midnight that this morning’s flight was 7 am and not 8 am. So I am now in Sigtuna, just outside Stockholm, in a very opulent Conference Centre owned by the Swedish Church. Because they are funded by tax revenues, they have more money than the SEC could dream of! Anyway, this is a Colloquium for churches of the Porvoo Communion on Same Sex Relationships. I doubt if there is much new that can be said about the theological arguments. But I am interested in the leadership issues – how keenly-felt the divisions are in each church; how the leadership is managing the issue and helping the church to live with diversity. One aspect of the nature of conflict always interests me – which is that the opposing passions tend not to match. So – to express it a bit crudely – what is an issue of scripture and its authority for one side – is an issue of justice and discrimination for the other. So it’s two conflicts, not one. And that’s only the beginning.

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