So what do you do?

Exciting day tomorrow.  Starting with the passing of the torch from Charmian to Sheila – the handing over of provincial leadership of the Mothers’ Union for the next three years.  That’s an important moment – I wouldn’t risk saying anything else – but MU is actually one of the significant bits of infrastructure which holds the church together.  And they do positive things in the community – last night I listened to Sheila Brewer of the Fife Contact Centre describing the role which MU had played in setting it up – and they work in the prison – and …

And then it’s on to Tarfside – which is somewhere up a glen beyond the mobile phone signal – to take part in the Diocesan Youth Weekend.  Given the age profile of some of our congregations, that really is important.  Should be easy for me – after all, I am a former Youth Officer for the Church of Ireland.  Except that my youngest child is now about 6 years older than these young people will be …  But I’ll do my best and I’m sure they will take pity on me.

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