Green Wheels

Sorry – missed Green Wheels Day yesterday.  Another trip to Edinburgh Airport and another flight.  The websites report that ‘if all commuters left their cars at home one day a week, that would save enough fuel to drive to the moon and back 35000 times’.  Why would one want to do that – drive to the moon and back 35000 times, that is?   But,  in my defence,  the faithful Passat, with sauna effects from the leaking heater cured [?] by a £2.99 container of radiator sealant, continues to be greenest of the green.  We drive downhill a lot and use the brakes sparingly.  I even washed it on Wednesday.  Over 130000 miles and more than 50 mpg – long may it continue.  Still, I regret the fact that the big spaces of Scotland make it very difficult to use the bicycle for more than pleasure and exercise.

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