Join us every third Sunday

Poppy and I are alone on the bridge this evening.  She was watching the Classical Brit Awards waiting for to see the nominations for the ‘Music for the Cultured Cat’ Award.  I did a bit of surfing – looking for the local cycling fraternity.  The roads round here are wonderfully flat – although, if I turn left towards the Tay, it is straight downhill for a mile.  The cycling websites are full of helpful stuff for the armchair tourer.  Some are for the mountain bikers who like to hurl themselves down the nearest mountain in the cycling equivalent of white water rafting.  Others invite me to join the peloton – I suppose I could bring up the rear as bishops do in procession.  And the Perth and Kinross Cyclists say, ‘Join us every third Sunday’  Maybe they would join me on the second Sunday in return.

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