Saturday night – Sunday morning

Black Dyke Mills Band was, of course, amazing.  Virtuoso playing and exuberant with it.  They drew a huge and very different audience.  Two interesting things about it.  One is that brass banding is a competitive movement and they brought the silverware with them.  The other is that, like Welsh Male Voice Choirs, this is the pinnacle of a movement which has its roots in the old mining and mill communities of the north of England.  It remains, obviously, a vibrant movement – although everybody is now middle class ….  And then it’s Sunday again.  I spent this morning with our small congregation in Kinghorn – directly across the Firth of Forth from Leith.  They did the brave thing of letting go of their building last year.  They now continue to worship in a side chapel of the [Church of Scotland] Parish Church and find themselves very welcome there.  How sensible – one building less to maintain.

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