Wilderness bit

This is really the moment [moving tomorrow] when one should take a blogbreak.  It’s become a bit like one of those mad committee roleplay exercises where various characters keep rushing in with ever more difficult challenges to be sorted out – now.  Or like those flat American voices doing the shuttle countdown.  As launch time draws nearer, all the warning lights flash red.  And they say, ‘Well, we’ll just let her go anyway.’  So if our supporting cast of lawyers, builders, bankers and others all say ‘Yes’ at the same time, we’ll be on our way.    By the way, Poppy has been reading the Deed of Conditions and notes that poultry, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, bees, etc.  are forbidden and that we are allowed to keep only ‘normal’ household pets.  As a Burmese aristocat, she doesn’t ‘do’ normal.  She also notes the lack of a specific clause forbidding d*gs but she will sort them out later.

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