Virtual[ly snowbound] bishop

It’s as well my ‘appearance’ this morning with Sally Magnusson was sound only.  Having failed to make the studio in Stirling, I got off the road into a filling station at Dunblane and got stuck in the snow.  Did the interview while still stuck – is this a first?  Since I was – as it were – a foolish virgin who didn’t have a shovel, I bought a scoop from the rather astonished guy behind the till, dug myself out and carried on round the M9 and back across the Forth Bridge to Kirkaldy, where I arrived during the Offertory Hymn and changed from virtual to actual Bishop.  I am becoming concerned that this blogging thing is becoming fashionable.  This poses me two problems.  One is that the market is becoming crowded.  The other is the more serious issue that I have always believed that Christian faith is at its prophetic best when it is both unfashionable and counter-cultural.

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