It’s the 10 Anniversary.  One of the events that you remember where you were when you heard.  I was sitting on the quayside in Belfast waiting to take my daughter to visit universities in England and Scotland.  My child – safe – with me.  One feels the need to mark and remember – but a desire not to trespass.  One of the parents said tonight that he hoped to ‘move on but not forget’.  That sounds very healthy to me.  People say that time heals – but I don’t really believe it.  Sometimes it makes the feelings of loss more acute and brings to the surface damage hidden at the time.  I visited the Cathedral just before Christmas – saw the memorial and was deeply moved by it.  Remember the families in your prayers

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One Response to Dunblane

  1. Stephen says:

    I don’t remember where I was on the day but have a good friend deeply affected by the school murders in Dunblane. He struggles with the memory of that day. I watched a programme on Channel 5 recently and I was struck by the closeness of the community. I hope that still brings some comfort to those affected, they will certainly be in my prayers and sure many others will also – May God comfort and bless those affected.

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